Sip Happy with Salada Tea

Living happy and healthy every day isn’t easy. Sometimes it can feel like a never-ending struggle, but Salada wants you to know that you’re not alone. Salada teas are a deliciously simple way to help you live well and happy every day. From our everyday green and white teas to our uplifting fruit-flavored, matcha and herbal blends, Salada has naturally refreshing, great-tasting teas to help you find a smile and take on the day!

Steeped in History

When Peter C. Larkin founded Salada Tea in 1892, the consistency of tea quality and packaging was nowhere near what it is today. An innovator with an instinct for customer needs, Mr. Larkin developed a system of selling tea in foil packages to ensure a consistently high grade of tea that was easily shipped and sold. The result was a revolution in the way tea was consumed, North America’s first packaged tea. Salada continued its tradition of innovation when, in 1930, it bought the patent for the heat-sealed paper fiber tea bag, another new concept in tea production. We share Mr. Larkin’s standards of quality and accessibility, and are committed to providing customers with the newest, most convenient ways to enjoy tea.

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A Leader in Green Tea Goodness

While Salada has a long legacy in quality black tea, over the last twenty years the brand has established itself as a leader in innovative, great-tasting green tea blends, making it easy and accessible for you to benefit from all that green tea has to offer. This approach has recently been expanded to herbal tisanes, providing a caffeine-free way to mentally relax and unwind. You can trust Salada as you pursue everyday wellness and mental positivity.

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