About Us

Over 40 Years of Tea Excellence

About Harris Tea

We provide leadership and stewardship in every facet of our businesses through vision, integrity, Innovation, tea expertise , tenacity, and discipline.

We create sustainable, high-quality and innovative products that make all stakeholders successful.

Elevate the everyday by providing refreshing beverages, that adds incremental value to one’s daily life.


Our History

It all starts with sourcing from the best tea gardens.The foundation of Harris Tea began in the 1940s when a tea trading company, with roots in Calcutta, India, acquired tea plantations with a mission to bring the finest quality of black tea to the US market.

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Our commitment goes beyond the tea we purchase. We directly support farm communities through the Harris Freeman Foundation. Our Foundation’s projects impact the lives of our farming communities through financial contributions, developmental projects and sustainable practices.

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Our Master Tea Blenders

Blending and the art of creating the perfect cup of tea are part of our DNA. Harris Tea is a pioneer in specialty private label tea. Every recipe created by our team of experts is as unique as the region, time of harvest and the needs of every customer.

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Our in-house team of R&D experts specialize in the art and science of tea formulation. Their expertise drives new initiatives from optimizing ingredients and creating unique flavor profiles to labeling compliance and packaging innovation.

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We have over 250 active teas in our portfolio, and collaborate with our customers to serve their needs. Each of our customers trust us with their unique list of requirements and specifications.

How we blend the vision of our customers

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