Over 40 Years of Tea Excellence

It all starts with sourcing from the best tea gardens. Harris Tea began in the 1940s when a tea trading company, with roots in Calcutta, India, acquired tea plantations with a mission to bring the finest quality of black tea to the US market.

Our History

The roots of Harris Tea begin in the 1940s with a tea trading company based in Calcutta, India. The Indian company acquired tea plantations and became one of the first companies to export packaged teas from India. In 1979, Harris Tea’s founder emigrated to the US with a mission to bring premium quality black tea to the US market.

He founded Harris Tea in 1981.

In 1985, the company secured its first customer, a coffee roaster in California. Harris Tea became a pioneer in Specialty Private Label Tea. In the early 1990s, when Private Label was viewed as generic tea, Harris Tea offered better specialty blends which filled a void in the market. Now, our facilities in Georgia, New Jersey, and the United Kingdom regularly produce innovative and creative blends.

While gaining success providing private label teas to major grocery chains in the US, our founder noticed a gap in the US tea market. At that time, most teas available in the US were grown and blended to suit the needs of iced tea. Seeing an untapped market for premium quality tea, Harris Tea created Tea India® to capture the true quality, taste, and experience of Indian chai.

Today, Harris Tea is the largest producer of private label tea in the US with a distinctive portfolio of branded teas, including Red Rose, Salada, Southern Breeze, Tea India, Wonder Drink Kombucha and Newman’s Own Organic tea.