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Our in-house team of R&D experts specialize in the art and science of tea formulation.

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Our Team

Harris Tea’s R&D team drives new initiatives from introducing new ingredients and creating unique flavor profiles, to labeling compliance and production support.

Tea Blends

R&D Projects

Our diverse team is trained in formulating tea blends, tea tasting, dietary supplement regulations and labeling compliance.
Their activities are focused on renovation and innovation.

Renovation Projects

We have the expertise to meet our customers’ requirements. Our capability is to match taste profiles or develop unique custom blends. Optimizing formulations, creating better flavor profiles and improving costs is what we do.

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Innovation Projects

Innovation projects result in new flavors, packaging and product channels. We believe in open innovation because we know good ideas can come from any person in any department. Our R&D team takes those good ideas and nurtures them; transforming ideas into innovation.

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Our Work

Our R&D team collaborates with Origins/Sources and our Customers while creating blends. Our teas and other herbal ingredients are evaluated and cupped 5 times from field to factory in order to ensure consistencies to our great tasting beverages.

Harris provides tea for private label, foodservice, ecommerce brands and our retail brands. Our experience and talent helps our customers with:

Brand matching

Our Capabilities

Through experience, relationships and innovation, Harris delivers a profitable and unique tea experience to our customers. Explore our capabilities to enhance your offerings.

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