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For over 125 years, Red Rose Tea has been the official tea of family, with the tradition of a rich, flavorful cup of tea handed down from generation to generation. From the beloved Original Blend black tea to our more recent herbal wellness teas, Red Rose has the perfect “cuppa” for all of your “Red Rose Moments”, any time of day.

Where It Began

When Theodore Estabrooks founded Red Rose in the 1890s, tea was sold loose from tea chests and its quality was wildly inconsistent. Recognizing that tea drinkers deserved something better, Estabrooks dedicated himself to producing a quality blended tea that was consistent from cup to cup. For over 100 years, we’ve kept that promise. We’re committed to providing you with a perfectly balanced, great-tasting tea.

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The Magic of Figurines

When Red Rose Tea began to offer Wade miniatures in 1967, it wasn’t uncommon to promote food and beverage items with free premiums. The success of Wade figurines for Red Rose was unprecedented, boasting a production run for the first series of miniatures that numbered in the millions. The miniatures soon became a perennial item in boxes of Red Rose Tea. To date, more than 300 million Wade figurines have been given away in packages of Red Rose Tea in America. While they are no longer included in every carton, they are featured as an in-box giveaway several times a year.

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Find Red Rose Tea, Figurines and Other Specials

Visit the Red Rose consumer website to find out more about our delicious range of teas as well as to learn more about the history of Red Rose figurines.

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