Harris Tea Joins How2Recycle® Label Program

Standardized label program will provide consumer-friendly recycling information to encourage recycling of tea packaging and reduce waste

MOORESTOWN, NJ (May 26, 2022) – Harris Tea has joined the How2Recycle® label program to encourage consumers to dispose of their tea packaging and reduce waste.

How2Recycle, a project of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition®, is a standardized labeling system adopted by over 450 US and Canadian companies that clearly communicates recycling instructions to consumers. By partnering with How2Recycle and implementing the label program, Harris Tea’s packaging in the United States will feature information on the proper way to dispose of packaging to educate and empower consumers.

Harris Tea is committed to environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices, focused on the areas of waste elimination, energy usage reduction, packaging reduction, and renewable energy usage.

“Our partnership with How2Recycle aligns with our corporate commitment to sustainability,” said Eileen Lauth, Vice President of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs at Harris Tea. “The How2Recycle label will help ensure consumers properly dispose of our packaging to reduce waste and impact on the environment.”

Variation in recycling programs and unclear labeling make proper recycling a challenge for consumers, and most recyclables still end up in landfills. The How2Recycle label was created to provide consistent and transparent disposal information on packaging with the goal of increasing the availability and quality of recycled material.

“It is important for our brands to provide transparency to our consumers, whose passion for the environment is growing,” said Margaux LaPointe, Director of Marketing at Harris Tea. “We are excited to partner with How2Recycle and join a coalition of brands to provide clear and consistent communication on disposal of our packaging.”

The How2Recycle label will be rolled out across Harris Tea’s portfolio of brands beginning in 2022 with Red Rose in the US.

About Harris Tea

Harris Freeman is a privately held, US minority owned business with a diversified portfolio of investments. Harris Tea is the largest division within Harris Freeman and operates globally. We are the leading private label tea manufacturer in the US with a full portfolio of specialty beverage brands to meet the needs of today’s diverse consumers. Our brands include Red Rose, Salada, Newman’s Own, Southern Breeze, Tea India, and Wonder Drink. For more information on Harris Tea, please visit www.harristea.com.

About How2Recycle

The How2Recycle® label is a U.S. and Canada-based standardized labeling system that clearly communicates recycling instructions to the public. Over 450 brand owners and retailers are members of How2Recycle, and tens of thousands of products carry the How2Recycle label in the marketplace. How2Recycle is a project of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition®, a membership-based group that brings together businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies to collectively broaden the understanding of packaging sustainability and develop meaningful improvements for packaging solutions. For more information, follow us on Twitter @How2Recycle or go to our website at www.How2Recycle.info. Companies interested in joining How2Recycle can visit http://www.how2recycle.info/join for more information or contact how2recycle@greenblue.org.

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