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  Most teas in the US supermarket were designed to make a good glass of iced tea – not a rich and flavorful cup of hot spiced tea or chai. The market was saturated with various teas and coffees, but no product was capable to fit the unique taste of spiced Indian chai. Seeing an untapped market for premium quality tea, we created Tea India®. Tea India® caters to tea patrons in search of a true cup of authentic chai. We use only the finest ingredients It’s not just any form of regular tea. We wanted to capture the true quality, taste, and experience of Indian chai in our product, so we went to the source: Assam. Located in the north-east corner of India, Assam produces teas which are famous for their fullness, flavor and brightness. The best Assam teas are produced during the months of May and June - just before the onset of the monsoons. The teas from this period are referred to as “second flush” teas. brands Our Blends We take chai pretty seriously. Our professional tea tasters are sommeliers of the tea business. Tea India’s professional tea tasters taste several hundred cups of tea before choosing the right blend. We combine premium quality Assam tea leaves with natural spices from all over the world. We maintain consistency in quality by tasting each batch of chai so you can expect the same, consistently delicious, and refreshing cup of tea each time. Tea India is available in Orange Pekoe Black Tea, Mamri, Masala Chai, Cardamom Chai, and Ginger Chai blends. Visit TeaIndia.com to Learn More
Newman’s Own Foundation uses all royalties and profits that it receives from the sale of this product for charitable purposes and has given over $500 Million to thousands of charities since 1982.
Our certified organic, full-flavored Newman’s Own Organic Tea teas sourced from high quality tea plantations are blended to satisfy both green, black, herbal and specialty tea drinkers. Visit NewmansOwn.com to Learn More
  Red Rose Tea was first blended by Theodore Estabrooks in the 1890s, dedicated to producing a quality blended tea that was consistent from cup to cup.  For over 100 years, we’ve kept that promise and remain committed to providing a perfectly-balanced, great-tasting tea. Visit redrosetea.com to Learn More
*Red Rose brand is under license from Redco Foods, Inc.
  Since first founded by Peter C. Larkin in 1892, Salada Tea has provided a consistently high grade of tea innovatively packaged for easy enjoyment. To this day, we share Mr. Larkin’s standards of quality and accessibility to bring the healthy benefits of green tea to all. Visit salada.com to Learn More


*Salada brand is under license from Redco Foods, Inc.
  Inspired by the taste of the South, Southern Breeze Sweet Tea is made with real tea leaves in a bag that you hot-water brew, steep and chill. It’s everything Southern sweet tea should be and more - the sweetener is already in the bag and it’s zero calories so you can enjoy it with thirsty abandon.


Southern Breeze Sweet Tea in original flavor truly makes a bottomless glass of hospitality. It’s so good, you’ll be proud to share it with family, friends and neighbors alike. Visit SouthernBreezeSweetTea.com to Learn More
BIG TEA is specially made for those who require a big beverage to help them conquer their day. With twice the tea volume as standard tea, your customers will enjoy a full-flavored tea when they add up to two cups of hot water – that’s twice the size of a typical tea offering and double the satisfaction. Our full line of robust black, genteel green, exotic chai and naturally caffeine-free herbal teas, along with our specially flavored blends satisfies every time.


  Chai has been served in India for centuries and each family has its own special recipes combining the finest Assam tea leaves, spices and milk to create a delicious drink said to ‘warm the heart and heal the soul.’ Working with our expert tea blenders, Tea India® has created the Tea India range of three Chai teas; Masala, Vanilla and Cardamom using fine Assam tea blended with spices captured in a tea bag. Delicious, warming and invigorating Chai tea made easy for you to enjoy every day.


Chai tea is at the heart of Tea India, it’s all that we do and with our blenders memories, knowledge and expertise we invite you to enjoy the authentic taste of India, transporting you to the sights and sounds of evocative landscapes of India. Tea India - Experts in Chai Visit TeaIndia.co.uk to Learn More
  Bright, warming and invigorating, Dorset Tea brings life, colour and vitality to everyday moments, giving you the natural taste of Dorset no matter where you are or what you’re doing.


We’ve carefully selected teas from Africa & India to create a golden blend tea that is deliciously smooth and full of flavour. Visit DorsetTea.co.uk to Learn More