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Private Label Custom Tea Blends

In the early 1990s, when Private Label was viewed as generic tea, Harris Tea offered better specialty blends which filled a void in the market. Now, our facilities in Georgia, New Jersey, and the United Kingdom regularly produce innovative and creative blends. With a portfolio exceeding One Hundred Blends, Harris Tea Company is best suited for your Tea Program.

The Harris Tea R&D Team

We have a diverse R&D team consisting of chemists, biologists and food scientists trained in formulating tea blends, tea tasting, dietary supplement regulations and labeling compliance. They work on two types of R&D projects: renovation and innovation.

Tea Renovation Projects

Renovation projects include optimizing ingredients and blends to continuously improve formulations to create better flavor profiles and optimize costs. Innovation projects result in new flavors, packaging, and product channels.

Tea Innovation Projects

custom-tea-blend-manufacturing-companyWe believe in open innovation, because we know good ideas can come from any person in any department. Our R&D team takes those good ideas and nurtures them, transforming ideas into innovation.

Incremental innovation delivers line extensions, adding new flavors and ingredients based on consumer preferences and market insights. We study consumer and category data to ensure we deliver the flavors consumers want. We also specialize in matching any national brand products.

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