Herbal and Specialty Tea Formulation

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Herbal and Specialty Tea Formulation

As the largest Private Label Manufacturer of Retail Private Brand Tea Programs, Harris Tea is best positioned to meet all your herbal and specialty tea formulation needs.  If you are in need of National Brand Equivalent ‘NBE’ Tea & Herbal Blends or looking for the latest Innovative Tea Blend Manufacturer and Packaging, Harris Tea Company has a solution for you.

Sourcing the best teas & herbs

family-size-pillow-tea-bag-manufacturing-companyIt all starts with sourcing from the best tea & herb gardens; our tea experts travel regularly to the gardens at the origin and some of them have lived in these countries for many years. They are uniquely qualified to appreciate the nuances between the various qualities of teas.  Our tea professionals then blend these distinctive teas & herbs to ensure our customers’ standards are maintained throughout the year without variation.  By harnessing their deep knowledge and skill to blend teas from different origins based on the intrinsic attributes of tea such as aroma, flavor, mouthfeel and brightness.  

Harris Tea is a pioneer in specialty private label tea

Purchasing, Blending, and the art of creating the perfect cup of tea are part of our DNA. Harris Tea is a pioneer in specialty private label tea. Every recipe created by our team of experts is as unique as the region, time of harvest and the needs of every customer.  Our in-house team of R&D experts specialize in the art and science of tea formulation. Their expertise drives new initiatives from optimizing ingredients and creating unique flavor profiles to labeling compliance and packaging innovation.

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