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Tea Bag Packaging

Tea Sachets and Pyramid Tea Bag Co-Packing


Available in Biomesh or Nylon based material, Pyramid Style Tea Sachets provide a great tea bag for flavor extraction of whole large leaf tea and herbs. 

Round Tea Bag Co-Packing


Harris Tea Company’s Round Pillow Style Tea Bag is a single chamber round filter bag; ‘spoon lift’ filter bag without a string and tag.  Good Orientation in Retail Selling Unit; Unique round shape provide good brew extraction; can be used in a microwave.

String and Tag Tea Bag Co-Packing


Double Chamber, 4-Sided Flow Through Tea Bag with a String and Tag, with or without an individually wrapped tea bag envelope. 

Pillow Tea Bag Co-Packing

Harris Tea Company’s Pillow Style Tea Bag is a single chamber square filter bag, it can be produced with or without a string and tag.

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