Blending the Best Cup of Tea

Blending and the art of creating the perfect cup of tea are part of our DNA. Harris Tea is a pioneer in specialty private label tea. Every recipe created by our team of experts is as unique as the region, time of harvest and the needs of every customer.

Our Master Tea Blenders

Harris Tea was a pioneer in specialty private label tea… over 200 years of collective tea expertise. Located in different countries to ensure access to the world’s best tea gardens, they have the depth and breadth to access all tea growing origins in the world – extending our reach into every region, province, district and even specific tea gardens within an origin. This accessibility enables us to develop blends to suit the varied and numerous requirements of all our customers. This includes matching national brand specifications, developing new unique blends and satisfying existing customer specifications.

Tea is harvested throughout the year in some origins and is seasonal in others. Our tea professionals ensure our customers’ standards are maintained throughout the year without variation by harnessing their deep knowledge and skill to blend teas from different origins based on the intrinsic attributes of tea such as aroma, flavor, mouthfeel and brightness. Our tea experts travel regularly to the tea gardens at origin and some of them have lived in these countries for many years. They are uniquely qualified to appreciate the nuances between the various qualities of teas.

We have unique recipes for our customers. Some recipes are decades old, while others were developed recently to match changing consumer preferences. Our state-of-the-art equipment and machinery enable us to pack every style of tea bag from square or round tea bags to flow through and pyramid formats.

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