Cold Beverage Update

Iced Tea Menu Penetration

Almost 90% of US menus feature tea.* With the continued decline of sugar-laden carbonated sodas, tea is the perfect beverage to quench that thirst.

*Dataasesential MenuTrends™

holding up a metal tray with iced tea with various garnish

Off-premise Service Remains Fluid

As your orders shift from dine-in to delivery, adapt your beverage menu or lose that profitable revenue source. Our RTD brands – Secret Squirrel, Newman’s Own and Wonder Drink Kombucha – offer unique and enticing choices.

Wonder Drink Kombucha can, Newman's Own Organics fresh black tea cans and Secret Squirrel bottles in a freezer

Flavored Iced Teas Continue Their Rise

Raspberry, Peach and Tropical flavors still dominate beverage menus, but millennials look for “new” in everything they do. Just offering a traditional black iced tea option may be impacting your check-average potential.

variety of iced tea with various garnishes on table

Sweet Tea Innovation

Product consistency is crucial. Our newest innovation – Ready Sweet Fresh Brewed iced tea – offers one-step brewing with an all-in-one sugar and tea product and flavoring options unique to the industry.

iced tea in sugar frosted highball glass with straw and pastry garnish

Our Hot and Cold Beverage Services

pouring brewed iced tea from a pitcher

Beverage Innovation

fresh iced tea in a tall glass with lemon and mint

Cold Beverage Update

hot tea in a tea pot and tea mug with milk and sugar on tray

Hot Beverage Update